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Overpowering the Catholic Hierarchy to Hold the Guilty Accountable

Recent years have produced countless reports of horrific abuse of children by those connected to the Catholic church. The church’s handling of those reports has been repugnant. Many victims have summoned great bravery to come forward. Others are still working up their courage to do so.

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The victims of childhood sexual abuse were betrayed by those they trusted. The abusers have been priests, nuns, deacons, bishops, choir directors, youth leaders, and others. These people were held up as pillars of their communities. They were revered and respected. Yet they violated their roles of trust and code of ethics to harm the most vulnerable among us. Their heinous acts against children left victims with scars that may never heal.

Victims of childhood sexual abuse may suffer lifelong anxiety, depression, stress, low self-esteem, nightmares, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal thoughts, and more. Their relationships may suffer. Their work may suffer. They may even blame themselves for what happened. They may not find their voice to speak up until well into adulthood.

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The crimes against children by those associated with the Catholic church are horrifying. The church’s coverup of those crimes is unconscionable. It is clear that those who cloaked these crimes from public view and fought against acknowledgment and reparation saw the church’s financial interests and reputation as far more valuable than the lifelong suffering of the victims – and also more valuable than the protection of future victims. We are working to change that.

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We are here to help. The statutes of limitation for molestation and sexual abuse vary state by state. Changes are currently pending in Pennsylvania to eliminate those limitations so that it would not matter how long ago the abuse occurred, or how long the victim waited to report it.

At Williams Cedar, we understand your suffering, and we will handle your case with respect, compassion, and fierce advocacy for your rights. We will take on the hierarchy of the Catholic church to hold predators accountable. For more information, call our clergy abuse lawyers in Pennsylvania in Williams Cedar at 215-557-0099 or submit an online inquiry.