Court Rules that Names in Clergy Abuse Report Remain Anonymous

Court Rules that Names in Clergy Abuse Report Remain Anonymous

Court Rules that Names in Clergy Abuse Report Remain AnonymousThe Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the names of the priests whose names were redacted from the clergy abuse report will remain anonymous. On Monday, the court confirmed that they will not reveal the names of eleven of the over 300 abusive priests listed in the August report. Detractors including Attorney General Josh Shapiro who appealed to the court to disclose the priests’ names states that the ruling continues to protect the Catholic church and the predatory priests to the detriment of clergy abuse survivors and the community-at-large. Although Shapiro recognizes that the court ruling prevents him from releasing the names, it does not preclude the Catholic dioceses from doing so. He urged them to disclose the names in the clergy abuse report to align with the transparency they wish to embody.

Sex abuse survivors of any age find it difficult and traumatic to share their stories of abuse. Many found the strength to reveal them due to the release of the grand jury report, which confirmed the traumatic events they experienced. Unfortunately, the court cementing the right of abusive priests to protect their anonymity from the public deters survivors from feeling supported and validated.

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