Clergy Abuse Victims Fund Starts in Philadelphia Archdiocese

Clergy Abuse Victims Fund Starts in Philadelphia Archdiocese

Clergy Abuse Victims Fund Starts in Philadelphia ArchdioceseThe Archdiocese of Philadelphia started their clergy abuse victims fund to compensate survivors of abuse by clergy members. The new fund called the Independent Reconciliation and Reparation Program will compensate survivors and acknowledge claims that may exceed the statute of limitations. Survivors from Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware Counties may submit claims to the program, and the administrators will determine their eligibility using medical and counseling records, information from loved ones and law enforcement officials, and length and frequency of abuse. Funds will come from the sales of the Archdiocese’s assets and will be distributed to claimants within 90 days with no set limit stipulated. The church cannot dispute the outcome of claim investigations by the administrators.

Barring the possibility that the statute of limitations may be removed by the state government in the near future, survivors of clergy abuse may find filing a claim with the clergy abuse victims fund the only alternative to filing a civil suit. To ensure that the claim is properly registered, and the appropriate compensation is received, it is highly recommended to discuss filing a claim with the assistance of a legal professional. The filing deadline for claims through the program is September 2019.

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