Documentary “The Keepers” Examines Murder of Baltimore Nun

Documentary “The Keepers” Examines Murder of Baltimore Nun

A documentary series on Netflix, “The Keepers,” examines the murder of a Baltimore nun in the late 1960s. Sister Cathy purportedly lost her life after she was about to reveal abuse pervading the Seton Keough High School. Allegedly, over 100 victims were abused by clergy members, and the state protected priests who may have engaged in the abuse. “The Keepers” digs into the possibility that the nun who was beloved by many within the community was murdered due to a conspiracy against her potential whistleblower actions. Several decades later, it is still unclear who actually murdered Sister Cathy.

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The highly acclaimed and widely watched documentary series, “The Keepers,” which initially aired in May 2017, shows the underbelly of a Catholic community in turmoil after a beloved nun was found murdered two months after her disappearance. With the emergence of the grand jury report in August, sexual abuse allegations circle Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania and spurred other states to follow suit by conducting their own investigations. Survivors of clergy abuse feel stunted by the fact that they may be ineligible to file a claim against their abusers due to the statute of limitations.

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