Extension for Child Victim’s Act Window Supported by NY Lawmakers

Extension for Child Victim’s Act Window Supported by New York Lawmakers

The Child Victim’s Act took effect last August and has garnered more than 1,300 civil suits since the one-year look back window was introduced.  Lawmakers are now working to extend this window for another year. The extension would allow victims of sexual abuse enough time to come forward and talk about restitution of situations that occurred in the past. Currently, victims have until August 14 to file civil claims on old cases due to the current look-back window. After August 14, past sexual abuse instances will no longer have any civil litigation. The only cases that will be accepted are those that fall within the statute of limitations. The proposed extension of the Child Victim’s Act look-back window has been positively received among original supporters yet rejected from one of the top perpetrators of sexual abuse, the Catholic Church. The extension of this act will not only help victims of clergy abuse from the Catholic Church, but it will extend the opportunity to those who have cases against other institutions including schools and Boy Scouts.

Sexual abuse survivors may face trauma for many years after their assault occurred. Numerous cases of sexual assault, especially within the Catholic Church, happened in childhood. Many of these children don’t speak up until they are an adult and more comfortable addressing the situation. Extending the sexual abuse look-back window will help more victims hold their abusers responsible for their unlawful actions.

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