Jesuits Release Names of Priests Accused of Credible Sex Abuse

Jesuits Release Names of Priests Accused of Credible Sex Abuse

Jesuits Release Names of Priests Accused of Credible Sex AbuseOn Monday, the Maryland Province Jesuits released a list of the names of the priests accused of sexual abuse of children. The religious order that serves the Washington, D.C. area as well as eight other states cited about a dozen Jesuits including five living individuals, three who left the order, and five others who passed away. The sexual abuse of minors by priests within the order originated in the 1950s and continued up until the early 2000s. From Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and more, the men accused of the abuse served in various high schools throughout these and other areas. Two priests were removed from the order in the 1990s; some remained until the early 2000s. One engaged in child abuse from the 1950s until the 1980s was not removed until the mid-2000s when the Catholic church created policies to remove priests accused of clergy abuse.

The release of the grand jury report in August unleashed a torrent of confirmed stories of sexual abuse by priests throughout Pennsylvania. This spurred on other states to conduct their own investigations, which revealed their own horrific incidences of abuse. Even though many dioceses within Pennsylvania are offering compensation funds for victims, it may not be enough to penalize the abusive priests or assuage victims who have endured decades of trauma.

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