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New Jersey Priests Named

For many years, sexual abuse of minors by clergy was a secretive crime that rarely came to light. The victims’ tender age as well as extensive cover up activities by church authorities made it difficult for justice to prevail. Now, the public is learning more about crimes that were committed within the Catholic church and the terrible trauma inflicted on young victims.

Justice for survivors, long overdue, is now within reach as more details are emerging. Since early 2019, names of close to 300 priests and deacons in New Jersey dioceses have been made public – all of whom were credibly accused of sexual abuse. This information may encourage more survivors to step forward to seek help from New Jersey clergy abuse lawyers to tell their stores, file claims, and finally hold accountable those who were responsible.

List of New Jersey Priests Points to Widespread Sexual Abuse

The priests credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors came from all five Catholic dioceses, illustrating that New Jersey clergy abuse was widespread. Church officials use the phrase “credibly accused” to indicate they found enough evidence to believe that each accusation had merit. Moreover, each priest on the list was previously reported to law enforcement authorities, according to church officials.

The following is a breakdown of the list by diocese:

  • 63 priests and deacons in the Archdiocese of Newark
  • 57 in the Diocese of Camden
  • 30 in the Diocese of Trenton
  • 28 in the Diocese of Paterson
  • 11 in the Diocese of Metuchen

It should be noted that the list is restricted to only those priests and deacons under the authority of the five dioceses. Because Catholic orders have different leadership structures, this list does not reflect accusations against Franciscan priests, Jesuit priests, Benedictine monks and other priests not employed by the dioceses.

The List Also Reveals the Pattern and Duration of New Jersey Clergy Abuse

The full list of 188 names is in the form of a spreadsheet that includes the name of each priest, the year they were born, the year they were ordained and the diocese(s) in which they served. In many cases, the parishes and Catholic schools where they worked are also included, as well as the number of reported victims. More than 30 priests had multiple victims, and most priests worked in multiple parishes or schools. This reveals a pattern of abuse where some priests went from one location to another, inflicting pain upon more innocent children. In addition, the dates of ordination reveal the long duration of sex abuse. The oldest priest named was ordained in 1915; and much abuse continued to go unaddressed until August 3, 2017, when another priest who was ordained earlier in 2017 was removed from ministry.

Important Information for Survivors of New Jersey Clergy Abuse

More than 100 New Jersey priests named on the list are deceased. However, it is important for sex abuse survivors to know that they still have an opportunity to seek justice even if their abusers are no longer alive. In reading through this list, it is possible that a survivor may recognize the name of a priest who abused them many years ago. It is not too late to report abuse, as investigations remain ongoing. Moreover, now that the New Jersey statute of limitations has changed survivors can file claims against the institutions and authority structures that enabled sexual abuse of minors to continue.

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