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New Jersey Statute of Limitations Opens Window for Clergy Abuse Survivors

Trenton Clergy Abuse Lawyers discuss NJ statute of limitations and how this benefits clergy abuse survivors.Healing from clergy abuse can be a lifelong process. For many survivors suffering with its post-traumatic effects, may take years or even decades just to recall the details with enough specificity to put a name or date to their abuse. These individuals, like all survivors of abuse, deserve their day in court to seek justice against their abusers. From December 1, 2019 to November 30, 2021, clergy abuse survivors in New Jersey will have their chance.

New Jersey’s Revival Law

New Jersey’s legislature has recognized the importance of allowing all survivors of clergy sexual abuse to bring their claims, no matter how long they have suffered quietly. The Child Victim’s Act has opened a “window” for clergy abuse survivors across the state.

Under previous statute of limitations laws, clergy sexual abuse survivors had only a limited amount of time following the actual date of abuse in which to file a claim against their abusers. This made it impossible for many survivors who experienced abuse as children to bring their claims. Perpetrators have long benefitted from statutes of limitation that required claims to be made within a short time after the abuse occurred. Several jurisdictions, including New York, Arizona, Washington D.C. and New Jersey, have passed “revival” laws to help undo this injustice.

Clergy Abuse Cover-Ups

In New Jersey survivors can now bring claims against organizations involved in the in the cover-up or furtherance of abuse. For survivors of clergy sexual abuse, this means can be filed against the dioceses. Through the filing of a civil suit against the abusive clergy and the Church officials who concealed the abuse, survivors can obtain compensation to help pay for the costs of medical treatment, psychological counseling, lost wages, and emotional distress damages.

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