Lawmakers Introduce Revised New York Child Victims Act

Lawmakers Introduce Revised New York Child Victims Act

Lawmakers Introduce Revised New York Child Victims ActLawmakers in New York will introduce a revised New York Child Victims Act, which will allow child abuse survivors to file claims against their perpetrators as adults. The proposed legislation would increase the eligibility age of the survivor in filing a suit from 23 to 55 years old. Formerly, abuse victims would be required to file a suit within a 90-day period after the abuse took place at a public institution, but the updated legislation would void this requirement and permit civil suits up to age 55 for survivors. Additionally, a one-year review window would be available regarding old cases that were previously dismissed under the current guidelines.

The struggle for clergy abuse survivors to gain justice after enduring abuse as children continues for residents of some states including Pennsylvania. In November 2018, Pennsylvania lawmakers failed to make a significant change in the statute of limitations for filing abuse suits as adults by shelving the issue until later this year. Unfortunately, by not making any decision regarding the statute, many survivors remain in limbo and may feel dismissed by the officials who may have helped them to rectify the wrongs committed against them.

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