Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Prompted Nationwide Probes

Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Prompted Nationwide Probes

Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Prompted Nationwide ProbesThe Pennsylvania grand jury report identifying sexually abusive priests and detailing criminal acts against children prompted other states across the country to conduct their own probes. In 14 states, including Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Vermont, and Virginia as well as in the District of Columbia, state Attorney General’s announced Catholic church investigations similar to the Pennsylvania probe and demanded documentation from Catholic leaders. The impact of the investigations may pose serious legal and financial concerns for the Catholic church and damage to many reputations, which may potentially cripple the church. However, the lifelong emotional and physical repercussions for victims and survivors of clergy abuse far outweigh the issues the Catholic church may face.

In August, the Pennsylvania grand jury report revealed horrific cases of sexual abuse by priests and clergy members. It solidifies the absolute necessity to remove the statute of limitations for survivors who must receive some sort of justice after suffering from the effects of abuse. Child abuse survivors may develop substance abuse problems, difficulty forming satisfying relationships, depression and anxiety, and a host of other serious disorders.

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