Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Released One Year Ago

Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Released One Year Ago

Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Released One Year AgoOne year ago, on August 14, 2018, Attorney General Josh Shapiro released the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report which identified more than 300 credibly accused priests who committed criminal acts against minors. The release of the list prompted about 1860 abuse survivors to come forward with their own stories of clergy abuse. The state hotline receives calls daily from victims and survivors, but they may still feel unheard due to the lack of changes made to the statute of limitations. Although it is hoped that 2020 will see updates to the law, reforms to the bill failed to even come to a vote by the state legislature after the release of the report.

While making the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report public resulted in many victims and survivors coming forward, the lack of a proper vote or implementation of changes continues to thwart individuals hoping to move past the trauma they experienced in their youth. To add to the frustration, neighboring states such as New Jersey and New York updated their laws to support abuse survivors. Without changes, Pennsylvania survivors continue to struggle against the trauma they suffered from in their youth and those who abused them will not be held accountable.

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