Philadelphia Archdiocese Finds Two Priests Unsuitable for Ministry

Philadelphia Archdiocese Finds Two Priests Unsuitable for Ministry

Philadelphia Archdiocese Finds Two Priests Unsuitable for MinistryOn Sunday, the Philadelphia Archdiocese deemed two priests unsuitable for ministry and put a third priest on administrative leave. After concluding their own internal investigation of two Philadelphia priests, which commenced after law enforcement officials finished theirs, the Archdiocese confirmed the sexual abuse allegations against the clergy members. They found evidence to support the accusations that both priests abused a child in the 1980s. In 2018, the first priest was placed on administrative leave and is restricted from performing Sacraments in the name of the church. Since 1995, the second priest has been on medical leave. Initially, the third priest was cleared in 2014 of past allegations that were brought upon him, but new allegations arose that prompted the Archdiocese to place him on administrative leave. The findings from all three investigations will be forwarded to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican for further examination and possible action against the perpetrators.

Clergy abuse allegations against overwhelming numbers of clergy members continue to litter the news and bring the Catholic church into sharp focus. Members of the Catholic faith as well as abuse survivors and victims feel the church failed to handle allegations of abuse in the past. The Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, released last August, shows the breadth of abuse and lack of penalties abusers received.

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