Pope Francis Claims No Knowledge About McCarrick’s Abusive Actions

Pope Francis Claims No Knowledge About McCarrick’s Abusive Actions

Pope Francis Claims No Knowledge About McCarrick’s Abusive ActionsIn an interview published on Thursday, Pope Francis claims that he knew nothing about the abusive actions former Cardinal McCarrick committed. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, a former ambassador to Washington, states that he informed the Pope about what penalties McCarrick would face last August. A Catholic news outlet reported the discovery of correspondence from the former Pope Benedict, which appeared as further confirmation of the restrictions against McCarrick. Last year, Cardinal McCarrick resigned from the College of Cardinals, with the approval of the Pope, amid allegations of clergy abuse committed against seminarians and minors. The church court found him guilty after hearing the case and removed him from the priesthood.

Earlier this month, Pope Francis decreed that clergy members worldwide must report cases of clergy abuse to their superiors as well as instances of attempted coverups. The law does not demand that the allegations must be brought to the attention of law enforcement, which may fail to properly hold abusers responsible for their criminal actions. Sex abuse survivors and victims may not get the justice they deserve if their alleged abusers receive no concrete penalties.

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