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Review and Compensation Programs

Pennsylvania Clergy Abuse Lawyers Discuss Review & Compensation ProgramsSeveral Pennsylvania dioceses, including Philadelphia, Allentown, Scranton, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh have announced plans to establish “Review and Compensation” programs to assess claims of survivors and make monetary payments to them. The Diocese of Newark, covering all New Jersey parishes, has announced a similar plan.

These programs each have advantages and disadvantages that any potential claimant should understand and consider before applying. In addition, they will all have varying filing deadlines, eligibility requirements, and evaluation procedures. As we learn the details of each program, we will provide information on this site, so watch this space for further developments.

While our hope is that the Pennsylvania General Assembly takes the responsible step of revising the state’s statute of limitations in order to permit our clients and other survivors to seek relief in a court of law, we will also help claimants navigate the  compensation “programs” where appropriate or necessary. If you are considering filing a clergy abuse claim and want legal representation, our clergy abuse team stands ready to help. For more information, call Williams Cedar today at 215-557-0099 or submit an online inquiry.