Sex Abuse Reforms Vote at Bishops’ Conference Halted by Vatican

Sex Abuse Reforms Vote at Bishops’ Conference Halted by Vatican

Sex Abuse Reforms Vote at Bishops’ Conference Halted by VaticanOn Monday, during the US Conference of Catholic Bishops held in Baltimore, the Vatican halted the vote on the sex abuse reforms that were to be proposed. The president of the bishops’ conference, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, received a sealed envelope marked “confidential” on Sunday night from the Vatican ordering that the vote be delayed. Pope Francis and the Vatican believe the reforms to be under their purview and of global concern, so they wish to delay the discussion and a subsequent vote until a summit in Rome that is scheduled to occur in February. The bishops planned to discuss the adoption of a new code of conduct and the institution of a lay committee to investigate clergy members accused of sexual misconduct and those who mishandled claims against their subordinates. Survivors and victims of clergy abuse as well as supporters and loved ones view the delay as another unnecessary and disturbing roadblock to eliminating the prevalence of abuse in the Catholic church.

Unfortunately, the bishops’ conference failed to yield results in eradicating clergy abuse from the Catholic church due to the Vatican’s request to delay the vote on much needed reforms. Survivors of this type of abuse cannot afford to waste any more time on the injustice they face daily because it further impedes the healing process. Priests and other clergy members who engage in the sexual abuse of children must be held accountable for their actions that cause lifelong struggles for their victims.

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