Suit Against Albany Bishop Alleges He Told Survivor to "Forget" Abuse

Suit Against Albany Bishop Alleges He Told Survivor to “Forget” Abuse

Suit Against Albany Bishop Alleges He Told Survivor to "Forget" AbuseOn Monday, a suit was filed against a former Albany bishop alleging that he told the clergy abuse survivor to “forget about” the abuse. The survivor claims that the abuse took place more than 60 years ago when he worked at the Jesuit Retreat House in Glenmont, New York as a teenager. He allegedly informed the now retired Albany bishop who was not yet ordained at the time about his abuse experience and was told to “forget about it.” The former bishop claims that this is untrue, and he was still a student around that time. Several accusations trail the deceased priest in question who was removed from ministry in 2002. Three men sued him for abuse that they claim he committed against them in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Unfortunately, instead of holding the abusers accountable for their criminal actions, in the past, clergy leaders decided to transfer an allegedly abusive priest to another post within the diocese or another state. They may have even sent the priests to a supposed treatment center for rehabilitation, and then returned them back into the fold. Failing to acknowledge abuse or covering up known abuse committed by a credibly accused priest does not eliminate the possibility of the future abuse of other victims.

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