Federal Suit Filed Against Pennsylvania Catholic Bishops

Federal Suit Filed Against Pennsylvania Catholic Bishops

Federal Suit Filed Against Pennsylvania Catholic BishopsIn Philadelphia, a federal lawsuit was filed against Pennsylvania Catholic bishops by two clergy sex abuse survivors. The claim was filed on Thursday to force Pennsylvania Catholic bishops to identify the names of abusive priests and disclose the records of accusations of sexual abuse against children in their dioceses. They will use public hazard laws in order to push for the names and records to be revealed, so that the Catholic church will be held responsible for the unlawful actions of abusive priests.

For many years, accusations of sexual abuse by clergy members became buried to the detriment of the victims and survivors. With the onslaught of legal claims against the Catholic churches and abusive priests, it is hoped that victims and survivors will get the justice they deserve and help others to come forward to tell their stories. Sexual abuse leaves lifelong scars, both emotional and physical, that interfere with the quality of life survivors experience.

If you or your child experienced sexual abuse by a priest or another clergy member, let us help you take the first step in moving past the hurt and toward the healing process. Please call our Pennsylvania clergy abuse lawyers at Williams Cedar at 215-557-0099 or contact us online to arrange a free and confidential consultation. From our offices in Philadelphia and Haddonfield, New Jersey, we fiercely advocate for clergy abuse victims and survivors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and nationwide.