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Survivor Calls for Support Window for Clergy Abuse Claims

Trenton clergy abuse lawyers discuss survivor calls for support window for clergy abuse claims.For adults who experienced clergy abuse as a child, the ability to file a claim against the individuals responsible is an important part of the healing process. In some states, adult survivors remain unable to file a legal complaint against their abusers due to the statute of limitations laws, which require survivors to file their legal claims within a certain period after the abuse occurred. One clergy abuse survivor has made it his mission to change that.

Providing a Window for Abuse Claims

Several states, including New York and New Jersey, have recognized the need for a window in which adult clergy abuse survivors can file abuse claims from when they were children. This window is currently a two-year long period. Pennsylvania lawmakers are under immense pressure to create a similar window to allow survivors the time to file a complaint. By granting survivors the extended time needed to file complaints, they will have the opportunity to seek justice for the trauma they may have been unable to previously recognize due to their young age at the time of the abuse.

Battling Church Opposition

A Pennsylvania man who survived clergy abuse as a child has become an advocate for change regarding the existing statute of limitation laws. These laws currently preclude survivors from filing their claims and healing from past experiences.  During a press conference, which followed the recent conviction of his abuser, the survivor highlighted the Greensburg Diocese’s continued opposition to any change in Pennsylvania’s existing law. This survivor urged other individuals affected by the sexual misconduct of priests to think carefully before accepting payment from a diocesan victim compensation fund. These funds typically prevent the claimant from filing any further legal action against the Church or the abusive priest. In Pennsylvania, they are no longer accepting claim applications.

Protecting the Rights of Clergy Abuse Survivors

Surviving the trauma of clergy abuse is a lifelong process. Many survivors spend thousands of dollars on medical treatment, medication costs, and counseling services. Others suffer from a loss of income due to an inability to work. By filing a civil lawsuit against those parties responsible for the abuse, including the Catholic Church and those who covered up ongoing abuse, survivors can receive compensation to help defer some of these financial costs. It is important not to wait in protecting your legal rights. The first step is to contact an experienced Camden clergy abuse lawyer today.

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