Victims Compensation Fund to Close in Some Pennsylvania Dioceses

Victims Compensation Fund to Close in Some Pennsylvania Dioceses

Victims Compensation Fund to Close in Some Pennsylvania DiocesesOn Monday, September 30, some Pennsylvania dioceses will close the Victims Compensation Fund available to victims of clergy abuse. The Allentown, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Scranton dioceses will cease the ability for victims to apply for compensation for the abuse they endured by credibly accused clergy members. Last year, these and other Pennsylvania dioceses created compensation funds in which to offer settlements to clergy abuse victims throughout the state. According to administrators of the funds, the dioceses paid out around $35 million to more than 240 victims.

In August 2018, the Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, released an incendiary report listing credibly accused priests who committed acts of abuse against minors in the state of Pennsylvania. The report prompted dioceses to create compensation funds for victims, but unfortunately, the funds may not be enough to hold abusers accountable for their actions, and they may fail to remove the stigma or ease the trauma that many clergy abuse victims may encounter. Despite efforts to change the statute of limitations on filing older sex abuse claims, the proposal to change the laws never came to a vote. A Senate hearing on Wednesday, though, will revisit the possibility of allowing a “window” in which to file the claims.

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