Some Clergy Abuse Victims Ineligible for Catholic Compensation Funds

Some Clergy Abuse Victims Being Denied for Catholic Compensation Funds

Some Clergy Abuse Victims Being Denied for Catholic Compensation FundsSome clergy abuse victims may be unable to access the compensation funds provided by the Catholic church dioceses. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia, along with other Pennsylvania dioceses, have rejected some applications for compensation because the abusive priests belong to Independent Catholic religious orders. Even when the abuse of the victims occurred at the parishes and schools within the diocese, the victims may not be able to receive compensation from the Catholic church. About 25 percent of the abuse claims received once the fund was established were denied. A fund administrator believes that since the perpetrators did not become ordained through the diocese and follow a different set of rules that their victims cannot access the funds. Any abuse claims must be issued to the religious order superiors, but this does not guarantee that they will receive any type of compensation.

Even though the Catholic Church is trying to make amends to victims and survivors of clergy abuse by providing compensation to them, not everyone may be eligible or satisfied by the results. In fact, by partaking in the compensation fund, the victims may not pursue further restitution by filing claims against the church, diocese, or abusive priests. In the end, the compensation funds may not assuage the many years of emotional turmoil that victims endure and may fail to properly punish the abusive priests.

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